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TRE Bespoke

TRE Bespoke offers clients the opportunity to  appoint us to advise on individual or multiple projects on a consultancy basis rather than looking for a success related form of remuneration. This way, we are able to remain completely impartial when advising the client on the most appropriate way to progress any project, without any form of conflict of interest or success related fee swaying key decisions.

Our Services

What a client gets is the benefit of our extensive  market knowledge and deal experience that the senior Directors of TRE have gained since they  came into the industry in the mid 1980’s.


In the current market, where there are significant economic and social fluctuations, over 60 years of market and transactional knowledge we believe is invaluable to clients who have not experienced markets rising or falling. In particular, we specialise in:


  •  Understanding our clients investment strategy

  • Assisting in this implementation

  • Reviewing the Business Plan and the assumptions made

  • Advising on all aspects of any specific transaction

  • In depth market knowledge in all Commercial Investment sectors

  • Extensive contacts with UK Funds, Property Companies and *Developers

  • Conflict free advise, aimed at giving the right advise not fee driven

  • Full alignment with our client in terms to unfettered advise on transactions


We will only work with a handful of clients with our bespoke service, and we will ensure that at any one time, we are only advising clients with differing types of capital to ensure total confidentiality throughout the life of the project. Alignment is what were are looking to achieve. The Bespoke service is structured to ensure we are always aligned with our clients, offering impartial advise and offering a wide contact base gleaned over many years in the Industry.


We have recently completed a project for a well-known Developer client, where we sourced a £100M Development finance source of equity, and this has enabled our client to acquire two high profile warehouse sites with a GDV in excess of £60M

For further information on our Bespoke service, please contact  our Managing Director, Rob Tudor


07767 250 004



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